The owners of Coast Cottages at St. Simons cherish
their unrestricted view and enjoyment of this
ecological wonderland.
St. Simons Island, Georgia
The Marshes of Glynn
by Sidney Lanier
St. Simons Island is sometimes described as a little piece
of paradise. Scarcely known outside Georgia, it is quite
possibly the best kept secret along the coastal Southeast.
The island's majestic entrance over miles of unspoiled marshland was memorialized by Sidney Lanier in his
The Marshes of Glynn. It's a place where an unpretentious low country meets the great ocean ... where
huge tidal changes breathe life into the grassy expanse flourishing in wildlife.
Somewhere in between you will
discover the magic of St. Simons
Island. Upon arrival, visitors are
enveloped by a feeling of calm
amidst ancient moss-draped oaks
standing alongside glorious palms
and tall southern pines.
The beach at St. Simons Island is
like no other. As the 7-foot tide
shifts from high to low, it pulls the
shoreline 1/2 mile out to sea
uncovering a breathtaking system
sandbars and shoals.
Development is largely unseen along the north end of the beach where an abundant shrub forest has been
protected and allowed to expand naturally. Acres of young dune fields nurture sensitive Sea Oats while
thousands of shore birds migrate from one sand bar to the next with the receding tide.
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by Patrick Anderson
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