Coast Cottages is a unique
community.  We have a mixture of
permanent residents, vacationers,
and guests of owners enjoying its
many amenities.  In order to help to
make everyone's time at Coast
Cottages as pleasant and carefree as
possible, the Board of Directors has
implemented a parking plan.

Each cottage has been assigned its
own parking spaces.  Owners, guests,
and renters are required to use only
those assigned spaces. Parking
passes must be displayed at all times.

The site map at left shows the
number and configuration for
parking at each cottage. If you are
planning to rent a cottage, please
consider the number of parking
spaces you will need when deciding
which cottage to rent.

Overflow parking space may be
available along the grassy area of
Wood Avenue, just outside the Coast
Cottage Lane entrance. Overflow is
also available along the grassy area
of Clover Marsh Lane.

If you encounter a parking problem
at your cottage, please contact your
rental management company.

Thank you for your consideration
and we hope you enjoy your stay at
Coast Cottages.
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