Rental Guidelines

Sent on behalf of Joe Cegala, President, SSCCNA

Dear Coast Cottage Homeowners~

At our meeting on May 23, the Coast Cottages board had a lengthy discussion about the effect of disruptive rentals in Coast Cottages. We experienced a higher than usual number of them this past spring.
Neighborhood disruptions most often result when owners or rental managers rent to groups dominated by young people. Disruptions also occur when a cottage is rented as “headquarters” for a larger event such as a wedding. While rental income is important for many owners, everyone residing in Coast Cottages has a right to peaceful enjoyment. Rental income should never be pursued at the expense of a calm, family friendly neighborhood.
Below is a set of rental guidelines or suggestions which are already adopted for over half of the rental properties in our neighborhood. The Board recommends every cottage owner strongly consider using these guidelines for their rental program:
Minimum two occupants age 35 or older shall be in residence, and responsible for enforcing house and neighborhood rules.