Landscaping Standards

Download a copy of our landscaping standards for the Coast Cottages at St. Simons.

Coast Cottages at St. Simons

The following Landscape Standards are adopted by the SSCCNA Board of Directors as part of the Neighborhood-Wide Standard in compliance with the governing documents for Saint Simons Coast Cottages Neighborhood Association, Inc.


1.Indigenous species are encouraged as a foundation for landscaping, but non-indigenous species may also be used for added interest and beauty.

2.No grass lawns are permitted.

3.Natural mulch shall cover any unplanted yard area not used for parking or walkways. Mulch should be refreshed periodically to maintain freshness, color and fire retardant properties.


The Association recommends using the least combustible natural mulch available, with the eventual replacement of common pine straw in favor of more fire resistant natural products like wood chips or, especially, composted wood chips.

For information on the combustibility of various mulches, see


4.Bushes shall be trimmed periodically to control excess growth and enhance beauty.

5.Palm trees shall be trimmed to remove dead, dying or drooping   fronds. Berry pods shall be removed to help control raccoons, rats and other unwanted animals.

6.Other trees shall be pruned according to common tree care practices for health and beauty. Tree branches should not touch any structure.

7.Parking areas shall be crushed shell. Shell material will be supplied and refreshed periodically by the neighborhood association for uniformity.

8.Walkways shall be natural wooden, approved synthetic wood, natural stone, patio stone, brick, crushed stone, or crushed shell. No concrete walkways are permitted.


If an approved synthetic wood material is used for walkways, the following brands and colors are pre-approved:


a)Trex Transcend Gravel Path

b)Timbertech Reliaboard Grey

c)Veranda Slate Grey

Other brands may be submitted to the ARC for consideration.