You'll find charming southern
architecture with wide, breezy
These elegantly appointed beach homes are
surrounded by lush natural landscaping and
brick-paved lanes.

A short stroll from any of the cottages leads to
a spectacular oceanside pavilion and pool
facility unrivaled along the St. Simons Island
shoreline. Several homes are for sale and
many for rent.
Welcome to Coast Cottages, a
place on St. Simons Island,
Georgia where you can escape to
find a quieter pace, a simpler way

It's the very best spot on Georgia's finest beach
... nestled on a barrier island known for its
moss-draped oaks, massive tidal marshes and
dynamic beach front.

Coast Cottages is a neo-traditional planned
community on St. Simons' widest stretch of
sand. Many consider it the most exquisite real
estate anywhere in Georgia and many have
become outstanding vacation rental properties.
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... for memories that
will last a lifetime
Time moves a little slower and life is
lot simpler ... the way it used to be.

Whether you're looking for a real estate
investment or a special vacation rental for your
family, visit Coast Cottages at St. Simons and
experience a little piece of paradise.

You'll love Saint Simons!
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